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Your drumbeat has its own rhythm. 
I wonder what yours sounds like?

I wonder so many things in this experience of life we all share—

what helps you feel firmly rooted?

how can you sturdy your deep emotion waters? 

what lights your spark - has you creating at midnight and fantasizing with vigor?

what does your heart desire to say to you?

how do you bring your creations from idea to tangible form?  

These wonderings are rich and bountiful.

May your answers be available to you.  

I'm Darcy Skye. I've spent my life wondering. It has led to fascinating discoveries and eye-opening experiences.  I'm an energy teacher and coach with a long-standing private practice.

School of Honey and Fire is designed to give you access to deeper understanding of your emotional, creative, loving and intuitive self.  

If you desire, come drink from this well. I find it delicious, and dare to hope that in the experience you may sip the flavor of your deliciousness as well.  

How the School Works

The school is built for you to come and taste of the teachings in your own time, at your own pace and by choosing what calls to you.  

You're invited to explore the ever-evolving  5 core subject areas -  whether you dance between them or thoroughly take in one before moving to the next, create a daily practice to take in bits at a time or binge on 10 videos at once, may the school be a supportive experience for you. 

As the school initially launches, two core subject areas are available and the other 3 will come available 1-by-1, as I am creating and adding content continually. Please join the email list (at the  bottom of this page) so you'll be updated as I add new content.


I am available for your questions and to set up private sessions if you'd like personalized support.  I'd love to hear from you - you can contact me here  or by clicking the 'Contact Darcy' button near the bottom of the page.  You can hear about other's experiences in working with me here.


In the video below I describe how the 5 core subject areas work together to create a powerful experience.

Welcome to School of Honey & Fire 

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

roots & foundation

Where we begin. 


Where we return to.   

Where we feel our central sturdiness.

Where our growth grows FROM.  

This subject area explores how we create a strong foundation and continually renew ourselves from it. 

Care for Energy Body1 pexels-diego-madrigal.jpg

tend your emotional body

Feeling centered and grounded amongst the waves of life.

Sturdying your personal container so you can dive into your emotional depths without getting flooded, but instead feel powerful. 

After a long, exhausting day how to cleanse and replenish yourself so you can regain access to your purpose and passion.

Build protection from the inside out so you feel less raw in the ups and downs of life and instead more confident and courageous.



We are all creators. 


We create in our relationships, our work and our art.  

Learn to connect to your creative flame, getting to know what helps it burn bright and how to tend it if it feels cold.

heart care pic2.jpg

heart care

Our heart center - an incredibly powerful and special place.  A place where we create relationship, to ourselves and to others.  A place that feels deeply and holds keys to accessing our full vision for ourselves.  A place of incredible tenderness and resiliency. 


Get to know your heart center and learn how to support, protect, and be a good steward of this incredibly powerful energetic center in your body.  


birthing your project

Taking your idea from a vision that lives in your head to a  tangible real-world experience is a no-joke process. 


Learn my co-collaborative technique for dancing with your project so you can bring what is meaningful to you into the world. 

EQUITY STATEMENT I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, settler to the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe or Michigan. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where people of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I facilitate welcome all identities and my commitment is to show up in integrity and continual learning.


Darcy Skye

Founder & Director

With 15 years in private practice, I've worked with hundreds of people and led dozens of groups.  The school distills the information I've learned into an accessible format for you to access deeper understanding of yourself.

My life has been a winding path, from growing up in a small town in Michigan, USA to living in Buenos Aires and New York City.  From scientific researcher studying baboons to energy coach in private practice.  I'm a mom, sister, daughter, friend.  I have a bachelor's degree in ecology, masters degree in education, and energy medicine and coaching certifications. 


I honor that the earth is alive and life is consistently my greatest teacher.  This school is a humble offering to share practices I've found to  be deeply helpful for myself and the special people I've come to know in my practice.  If the school calls to you, please join us.  You are most welcome.   


Stay Connected!

If you'd like to receive updates and stay in touch please reach out in the box below.

Your information will remain secure. 

Thank you! I look forward to connecting with you.

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photo credits from top to bottom | Avery Nielsen-Webb, Wilhelm Gunkel, Diego MadrigalBjörn Austmar Pórsson, Archana GS, Beingthetraveller

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