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Darcy Skye Coaching

Hi, I'm Darcy

 I'm a coach who helps when

-you're navigating change

- you want relief from anxiety

- you want to grow your business in alignment with your heart

-you crave connection with your soul instead of fear and limitation

I'm a scientist, teacher and coach by training and a healer by nature. 

I bring insight from soul-level depth but offer concrete, actionable strategies on the surface, applicable to your real life, so you can be free of what's limiting you and rise to what your life is asking of you, whether you're going through big change, an exciting new chapter, heartbreak and loss, or a call to create something new. 

I'm a combination of data-driven soul mumbo jumbo.  Getting in touch with me is a dare - just like life.  It's fun that way.

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Let's connect!

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Soul School 
Act 1

I'm drawn to the word and concept of my soul, but what exactly is it?

What does it feel like to connect with my soul?

How do soul lessons work?


What are soul callings and how do I follow them?

How do I live a life led by my soul? 

March 18-May 6, 2024 

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This is a beautiful picture that is holding the place for the next class.

Darcy Skye - Founder 

How I Came to do This Work

I'm a soul geek. As a kid I was innately in tune with soul messages and felt a strong, loving current between myself and creation. I felt the current strongly when I was in the woods, on the farm, and in quiet, no-big-deal moments...I received one of my most powerful messages while tying my shoes;) 


Rooted in this connection I was hungry for learning the ways we take this current and bring it into our daily lives and choices.  I studied spiritual texts from a young age and spoke with anyone who had wisdom they were willing to share.


I'm also sensitive and feel things super deep. I wanted to find a secret to crafting a life with the least amount of pain.  I believed this soul connection was my ticket for a pain-free life.  I believed it would skirt me around all obstacles and guide me on a straight-forward, clear path.  And why wouldn't it?  It's my soul (wise and divinely connected), I'm listening, following directions, and I'm not afraid of hard work - that's the recipe for avoiding pain and suffering, right!??! 

Oops.  I had a lot to learn (still do of course - let's be real - but back to the story).

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Soul connection is my direct conversation with the spark of Divineness that lives in me (and all of us).  It loves me unconditionally and knows all I've been through.  It ADORES my committment to listening and it champions me through all my growth.   


But, as I learned (through the school of life), it's not a shortcut to living life pain-free (bummer!).


Through a good deal of life experience - deep relationships beginning and ending, building things that toppled, becoming a mom, all of it - I've learned that pain, disappointment, heartbreak, they are woven into the dare of being alive.  As much as I wanted a path that shields me from all pain, I don't believe that's in the design of life, and I'm coming to peace with that (some days better than others).  BUT what I have also learned is that soul connection is a MAJOR help in a different way.  It provides the path to living YOUR life, the life you're meant for, the life you came to live.  And that's immensely powerful. Living someone else's life as yours, living society's expectations as yours, living disconnected from your sense of purpose  - that is extremely painful, and soul connection is a remedy for it. It has taken me over 4 decades to learn that strong enough to teach about it like this, but some things are worth waiting for, a good bourbon ages in time, and better late bloomer than to never bloom at all;)


So now I teach how to have the experience of soul connection.  As a young kid I didn't realize everyone didn't  have it, so my education has been understanding this connection and teaching others how to connect to it themselves.  So you can feel that current for yourself, you can know yourself as unconditionally loved and supported by Source , and you can know yourself as a soul with an important purpose.

And in knowing that I help you with the day-to-day decisions and choices that create your Soul-led Life, your Real Life, as my teacher, Annie Fox, would say.  

I work with entrepreneurs as they feel the pressure of creating something from nothing and how to hold their dream of creating a new world alongside the realities of running a business.  I help parents craft the container of their parenting so the love they feel is the currency they share with their child, instead of their fear.  I help people in huge change moments find their strong, steady soul voice so they can find peace within change and uncertainty.  I help deeply sensitive, creative humans navigate our current (beautiful and brutal) world in a way that cherishes their preciousness and allows them the gifts of their sensitivity.  And I help people who have felt a call to be more, offer more, and be of greater service, but they don't know what to do about it.  I help them take the whispers they are hearing, learn how their soul speaks to them, and follow the guidance with more clarity and confidence.  


My life experience is my most compelling credential for doing this work but I also have institutional ones.  I have a bachelor's degree in Ecology (that's the whole nature connection thing).  I have a Master's degree in Education (for learning how to teach stuff).  I'm certified with Coach Training Alliance and studied with several other coaching schools to learn how to sit with people in their process and offer direction on how to move forward.  I have an Energy Medicine Practitioner certificate from a 3-year healer school (Rhys Thomas Institute) where I learned from master teachers who have studied the soul and I learned how to provide soul-level healing. I became a Reiki Master studying with Lisa Campion so I can channel universal life energy in the form of love. I worked for a prominent Career Coach and a Soul-based Entrepreneur Coach. I've studied Starhawk's work and earth-based spirituality for many years, grew up in the Catholic faith and have studied Buddhism and Hinduism.

I've been working with clients privately and in groups since 2008. I ran a Mystery School in Brooklyn, NY, have taught workshops around the country and coached hundreds of soul-curious around the world.  My clients are artists, lawyers, teachers, healers, coaches, parents, entrepreneurs (just starting out and with multi-million dollar revenues), and all who are called to this work.  I welcome you to this experience.  I'm glad you're here!  

EQUITY STATEMENT I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, settler to the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe or Michigan. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where people of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I facilitate welcome all identities and my commitment is to show up in integrity and continual learning.


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