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Hi, I’m Darcy Skye,  

Coach and Healer. 

I help mission-driven entrepreneurs grow.  

A Bit About You:

  1. You've accomplished and achieved a lot, you're no stranger to soul searching, and you can't deny you feel called to....serve more/do more/be more... and that calling is getting LOUDER. 

  2. You've created a business you're proud of but you're getting lost in self-doubt and people-pleasing as you try to grow it. You're feeling stuck and you SO want to be moving forward confidently. 

  3. As an entrepreneur - you LOVE the freedom  BUT....and that's a big but(t)... you also feel alone and aren't always sure you're taking the next best step for your business and the mission it (and you) are here to fulfill.

A Bit About Me:

For 15 years I’ve supported clients in

  1. understanding themselves at the soul level - their purpose, their gifts, their own special way of being themselves in the world

  2. pinpointing the exact places they need to grow and push through their comfort zone so their business and it's impact is a true reflection of their heart, soul and purpose.

  3. providing the exact steps they need to take in order for their business to thrive while they stay in full alignment with their soul.

Why It's Helpful to Work Together:


Growth feels uncomfortable, and that's actually in it's design, it's not a flaw. 


A baby Oak growing must crack it's acorn shell apart. 

That's massive growth!

It requires dedication, strength and clarity of purpose.   


I act as a guide as you go through your own growth - growth that requires you to expand your comfort zone, crack your own shell and become the incredible full embodiment of your own miraculous Self.


In our partnership you feel CONNECTION during this expansion instead of alone.  And I offer spot-on INSIGHT so you have clarity of purpose.


And then I guide you in the actual things you need to DO so your business can thrive in alignment with your soul.


You feel the call to do more, be more and I'm here to help you understand what to DO about it.  

I've been there too, I understand and I'm here to support you as well. 


I bring a caring, enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable, endlessly curious, extremely accepting and non-judgmental style to our work.  I make really big work accessible and even exciting and enlivening. 


Getting to know yourself at the level of your soul is AMAZING! 

I love it so much and you'll love having and feeling this deep connection with yourself.  I am the luckiest duck to get to do this work and to get to see you at the level of your soul, where you are so wise, and so brave.  It's an honor to get to see you and work with you this way. 

Ready to Get To Work?

Click on the gold box below.  This is where we get to chat.  We'll talk about where you're at and where you want to go.  We'll see if we're a good fit to partner on helping you grow.  I'm excited to talk!

"Darcy changed the entire trajectory of my life.  Her technical knowledge, wisdom and encouragement allowed me to achieve a purpose-driven life.  She is so real and there’s nothing about Darcy you can’t trust."

Le'Ann D.

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