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I’m Darcy Skye, a certified coach who helps you stay present and powerful through change. 

I’m the person you come to when:


  1. You’re overwhelmed and it’s getting in the way of moving forward productively.  

  2. A marriage, job, pregnancy or parenting plan isn’t going as expected and you could use support.

  3. You feel stuck or fearful and you want to feel strong, capable and clear. 

   4. Your life does not reflect your full potential and you want to make changes so that it does. 

For 15 years I’ve helped clients work through: 

Career change





Turning a passion project into a business

Rekindling inspiration and creativity

Click on the gold box below. We’ll connect so you can move forward.

"Darcy changed the entire trajectory of my life.  Her technical knowledge, wisdom and encouragement allowed me to achieve a purpose-driven life.  She is so real and there’s nothing about Darcy you can’t trust."

Le'Ann D.

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