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Soul School
Act 1

In this 8-week course you'll learn what your soul is, how to connect, how soul lessons work and how to interpret them, what soul callings are and how to follow them, and how to live in a way that feels aligned with your soul.

We will workshop our soul learning and understanding using our shared wisdom, my 15 years experience in facilitation and 44 years of soul connection and study.

We will meet weekly, alternating between teaching and process sessions. 

During the 4, 1 hour teaching sessions I will teach an aspect of soul learning including what our soul is, why it's important, how to connect, how we experience soul lessons, and what soul callings are and how to answer them.  We will also do a soul connection process and Q&A. 


During the 4, 90 minute process sessions we will workshop how you are experiencing the teachings within both your daily life and  larger questions and life choices and you will receive personal coaching on your process, including specialized homework and actions to bring the teachings even more alive for you.  We will do a soul connection process in these sessions as well, so you'll have lots of opportunity for facilitated soul connection practice.

March 18-May 6, 2024

Class offered virtually through Zoom
6-7 pm ET for teaching calls and 6-7:30 pm ET for process calls 
Recordings available 


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