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Welcome to School of Honey and Fire  

Where you'll learn how to care for your energetic body, stoke your creative flame, heal your heart, and birth your projects.


Our energy body influences our sense of security, emotional well-being, confidence, ability to give and receive love, and our creative expression. 


We each have our own unique ways of supporting, clearing and healing our energy bodies.  This is a skill set you can learn, understand and master so that you are in agency within these important areas of your life.

I have worked in private practice for a dozen years helping people learn the unique ways their energy body is wired, the gifts they have, how to utilize those in a way that is most meaningful to them and how to heal from ways their energy body has been impacted harshly.  I've taken this experience, as well as my extensive training in energy medicine and masters degree in education and created School of Honey and Fire.  


The school equips you with understanding of yourself so you can navigate your relationships, your sense of purpose, your work life and your emotional and mental health with more clarity of who you are and how you work.  This insight is GOLD.


The curriculum for the core classes is being created now and will be launched in early 2022.  Stay tuned for more information and feel free to reach out to me to get onto the waitlist or with any questions at  

my best! Darcy


















What people have said about the work they've done in collaboration with me:


"I've always been someone willing to 'do the work' but never had the right guidance.  Darcy's profound insight and her ability to hold transformational healing space have literally rewired my brain and energetic body."

~Mary, Artist, NYC 


"Working with Darcy changed my life.  She took me through an inner journey and gave me the confidence I needed within myself to find what I was looking for. She gave me courage and strength to take actions that were very scary for me and guided me along through every action."

~Chris, Sales Manager, NYC

"Darcy is just pure energy, support, and enthusiasm.  She has a way of seeing through patterns, connecting the dots, and supporting genuinely and authentically through challenges. She has a way of allowing me to reveal my own strengths, my own magnificence, and my own capabilities to move forward with the things that are important in my life."

~Miriam Leia Bekkouche, Founder and CEO of Brain Spa,  


I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, settler to the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe, also called Michigan. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where folks of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I facilitate welcome all identities and my commitment is to show up in integrity and continual learning.

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