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birthing your project

This is placeholder text for a quick introduction to this content. Below you will find videos, guided audio and downloadable content. Enjoy! Please fill this in Darcy. This is a placeholder. This is a placeholder. This is a placeholder. 

video teachings

Why Grounding? What is the purpose?  When is it helpful?

A Helpful Metaphor for Grounding

Touch as a Grounding Tool


energy remedies

A powerful healing tool, 

energy remedies are designed to be used like you're experiencing an
in-person energy healing with a practitioner. 


Choose one that calls to you, get into a comfortable place, let the healing support you.


remedy name here
remedy name here

audio teachings

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written content

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downloadable content title and brief explanation

If you enjoy the school and want a personalized experience with Darcy you can schedule a private session.


In private session you and Darcy will get into the details of what's happening in your life right now, what you're working to create and where you're getting stuck.


She'll create a personalized process that supports you exactly where you're at and helps you create at your highest level. 


Click below to be in touch with Darcy and to schedule personal time with her.


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