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Biz Like a Witch, loves - 

Your work in this world is sacred stuff. 


It's common to place our work into categories depending on if it 'makes money or not' like hobby or business or meeting livelihood needs or whatever, but that isn't the focus.


The focus is that your work - as a witch - as a healer - as an artist - as a coach - as a teacher - it matters.  

It's close to your heart the way your loved ones are close to your heart.

It amazes you and challenges you and disappoints you and joys you - just like those loved ones, and just like your relationship with yourself.

So business has felt like a four-letter word to me most of my life cause it's what people can call things that destroy the earth, and destroy connection and use as an excuse to treat people like numbers or cogs instead of alive miraculous expressions of the beauty of this planet and cosmos.

But I'm working real real hard not to put that energetic gunk onto something that could feel different - if i let it.  

Business can feel like a beautiful, sacred vessel to hold my precious heart and offerings.  

It can feel like a home cozy, warm and well-fed that I get nourished by and that has the potential to nourish others.  

That's the biz we are witching here.  We are cleansing the thought that having a business means being an a**hole. 


We are infusing our sacred work with the legitimacy of being a vessel that both nurtures others and ourselves, well and whole-heartedly.  

And we are learning about ourselves and our capacity to love - others, the world and ourselves as we grow in the process of showing up well in our work. 

Biz like a Witch means:

-owning your value

-owning that what you do is special and sacred in this lifetime and it is your job to steward it into being as best you can

-cleansing definitions that capitalism, patriarchy, and other forms of domination have gunked up the words that would mean you get to do your sacred work and be well supported in that act.  


This is important cleansing we are doing.  Let's do this together!  If this is making your heart sing - let's connect!  Fill out the contact information below and you and I can jump on a heart-expanding, biz like a witch no strings, all good connection call to talk about the meaning in these things and I can share with you how I see you stepping into this more and more so you are 1) well-nourished in your sacred work and 2) fully owning  the value of what you do and it's importance in helping co-create the next world.   

big love! Darcy

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