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Is this you?

You're a deep feeling entrepreneur who got into your work because

you love it and because you desire to live in a world with more

connection, more community and more love.

Do you feel at odds with the sales aspect of your work, even if you've

worked to infuse it with a heart-centered approach? 


I'm here to share with you that even your sales process can be fully

infused in the values of connection, community, and love.


Join me for class where I'll be exposing the spells you

need to unwind and unweave so you can come into authentic

relationship with money.

I'll teach you how to craft your money conversations as sacred spaces within your work, so both you and your prospective clients and customers will feel the guiding values that you desire ALL aspects of your work to feed.  This truly is possible.  

Send me an email at with the subject line: Expose the Spells Masterclass and I'll personally send you the recording.  Imagine - in just 90 minutes you can have a refreshed and renewed way of being in relationship with money, your sales process and your business overall.  


It is with every bone in my body that I would like to recommend Darcy to anyone who has experienced frustration and is looking to have their LIFE FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED.


After struggling with anxiety for a decade and worked with therapists, life coaches, you name it, a miracle led me to Darcy.


I have always been someone who is willing to "do the work" but I never had the right guidance.


Darcy's profound insight and her ability to hold transformative healing space have literally rewired my brain and energetic body. Within a few short weeks of working together, my anxiety began melting away--to my shock and amazement. I am extremely analytical and also very energetically sensitive and Darcy is one of these rare people who activates both in service of our work and it's exceptionally powerful.


Darcy listens SO closely and intuits SO deeply that I would often feel like she was literally in my head seeing and feeling what I was seeing and feeling.  She is also amazing with language and imagery and is able to articulate incredibly subtle and nuanced experiences, which helps you understand yourself and your path in eye-opening and deeply transformative ways.


She is also very grounded in the real world and practical considerations of life inform her perspective as well. 


I think of my life very clearly in "pre-Darcy" and "post-Darcy" terms as I literally walk around the planet differently now. "Post-Darcy"--I am empowered and my baseline level of happiness has taken a dramatic shift upwards. I experience heights of joy that I had previously only ascribed to moments in my childhood.


I have healed close relationships in my family, my creativity has stepped forward like never before and I achieved a vibrational level to attract the love of my life.


Darcy truly has a GIFT and cares deeply about her clients. If you feel stuck or like you could be flourishing and you're not, I can't recommend her enough.


Expect to see real, tangible shifts in your life.  I send Darcy every close friend and family member and I continue to work with her because it adds so much depth to my life experience, her wisdom is priceless and the energetic container that she sets continues to feed my personal growth in the richest and most powerful ways. Let the veil be lifted and let yourself shine and thrive!

Mary, artist, NYC




I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, ancestor of settlers to the state of Michigan, in the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where folks of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I priestess welcome all gender, race, class and able identities and I promise to you I will do my best to show up well for you.

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