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It is what we have
each moment.
These are all made from visions...dreams...intentions set...
actions taken... 
Your world unfolds one moment, one realization, one relationship at a time.
Your life shifts one decision at a time.
Your mindset expands one thought at a time.
Your safety solidifies one well-placed trust at a time.
Your world grounds with each candle lit, each prayer murmured, each intention rooted.     
How many times have you set an intention for a daily practice, but it didn't quite have the oomf to be sustained?
How many times have you set plans and goals and by day 3, or week 3, there's less energy, less staying power in it? 
Then not only does the daily practice fizzle, but your trust in yourself to set goals and follow through withers a bit.  
This is normal.  This is very, very common.  It is an entire momentum - creating process to get a daily practice rooted so that it holds the power of your intention and can sustain itself past the initial flush of creation and hope.
And then there's...
future thinking/worrying, and
These ones keep you from feeling your power.  
They keep you from your today.
So let's put more life force behind your process.  Let's unweave
where fear catches you up.  
Let's see what happens in 8 weeks when this powerful in-the-moment practice is centered and deeply supported. 
Inspiration arrives in the quiet moments.  It shines through in the moments when your mind isn't in obsession.  We'll spend 8 weeks focusing on non-obsessive living.  
Here's how we'll work:
We'll bring insight and intuitive clarity to what your daily practices can be and can look like so that over the course of the 8 weeks you are grounding, loving, rooting and growing within fertile, daily soil.
All your 2020 actions then get to come from this fertile, well-fed, well-nourished place.    
Today is an 8 week container that includes: 
Private sessions
In this time you'll have 4, 30-minute private sessions with me.  In these sessions we get very clear, very quickly on daily practices that sing you alive and we add life force, love and support to them so they can blossom into love, support, and continued nourishment for you.
We also address any fears or resistance that's coming up and treat it quickly so it doesn't sabotage or create distraction from the power of your uniquely crafted practices.
In these private sessions you'll also be translating these daily practices into where inspiration is guiding you next along your larger dreams, goals and visions for your life and your year.  The beauty of getting so focused on each today is that's where the magic happens of creating your whole life and you get inspired to make your big dreams happen.  The private sessions will hold all of this for you as you blossom through the course of the program.    
Weekly teachings, exercises, and videos:
In addition to our private sessions you'll receive weekly teachings, exercises and videos from me that support you in getting connected to the power of each moment, strip away obsessive thinking, move through resistance and fear and bring inspiration and creative juice to your practice.  I'll be sharing magical tools and how to work with them intuitively so you really root these practices into your being.
Embodiment calls
Each week you'll have the opportunity to be live with me to do the weekly practices together with me and the group.  These embodiment calls allow you to have accountability, group support and real-time support by me each week.  These zoom video connections occur on Thursdays at 12 pm ET.
The embodiment calls will occur every Thurs between Jan 16th - March 5th.

Price and How to Sign Up

The course price is offered within a range. 

I invite you to feel into what your right price

is for joining this course.  You can ask

yourself - what is my dollar amount, that

means I'll feel the incentive to show up and

do this work with full focus and

commitment, and feel a bit of excitement

to commit to this within my current financial



I am offering the course for a rate between $300-$1000.  You can pay in one payment or split your rate into 2 equal, monthly payments.  If your rate is within this range - wonderful! 


In having this range for your rate I am intentionally attempting to unspell three capitalist assumptions, or lies:

1) that we will always choose to get the most for the cheapest  

2) that we only value things we pay a 'premium' rate for. 

and very importantly, 3) that value comes from outside of us and we are told the value of something vs feel it innately within us. 


All three of these are false and so I'm attempting a process that calls that out and offers an alternative. I know this system is more steps than clicking a Purchase button, and I don't desire to make your experience cumbersome.  I thank you for your willingness to experiment with me on this price range system. 

To sign up email me at and let me know you'd like to join. Yay!!!  We'll work out all the details from there.  

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"I've always been someone willing to 'do the work' but never had the right guidance.  Darcy's profound insight and her ability to hold transformational healing space have literally rewired my brain and energetic body."

~Mary, Artist, NYC 


"Working with Darcy changed my life.  She took me through an inner journey and gave me the confidence I needed within myself to find what I was looking for. She gave me courage and strength to take actions that were very scary for me and guided me along through every action."

~Chris, Sales Manager, NYC

"Darcy is just pure energy, support, and enthusiasm.  She has a way of seeing through patterns, connecting the dots, and supporting genuinely and authentically through challenges. She has a way of allowing me to reveal my own strengths, my own magnificence, and my own capabilities to move forward with the things that are important in my life."

~Miriam Leia Bekkouche, Founder and CEO of Brain Spa,  


I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, settler to the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe, also called Michigan. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where folks of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I facilitate welcome all identities and my commitment is to show up in integrity and continual learning.

All photos:  Liz Wittman

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