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The World We Are Creating 

Imagine living in a world where every person has reclaimed their personal, inner, unshakable connection with the Divine.


A world where this divinity within each and every one of us is unquestioned, unmanipulated, honored, revered, and celebrated.


A world where we have thrown off and dismantled the dangerous, deadening, violent, oppressive programing of Empire, Domination and Power-Over.  


A world where we are all free.


ALL free.


Because our liberation is all tied to each other’s.  As Desiree Lynn Adaway says, ‘We all get free together.’


Our existence works through relationships.  Everything is a relationship – to ourselves, to each other, to our work and purpose, to the earth, to the stars, and even to the unfilled, unformed spaces in between.  


And relationships work through a web.  Threads connecting us to all the parts of life make up our personal experience of the world.  The QUALITY of these webs is what my work is based on.


If we don’t actively create our webs, then we get the default system - we get Empire woven through our system.  It  looks like black/white, success/fail, good/bad.  It  looks like relationships being boiled down to transactions.  It looks like white supremacy.  It looks like an obsession with growth and productivity at the expense of natural cycles and rhythms.  It demands things be static and predictable, instead of what we all really are – a combination of contradictions and realness that won’t fit into any box.


The webs connecting us to even our deepest sense of self are degraded by these systems unless we dismantle them in our own bodies and reclaim our inherent divine connection.  


When our connection to the divine is claimed, we can more fully connect into our truth.  And that goes beyond any man-made system.  That gets into LIFE.  That gets into the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of the cycles of birth, life, death, decay and regeneration.


By linking into this wisdom, we can come to see the divine within us and THIS reveals a true, vast, unbreakable connection that offers us the grace to live free of the programming that dominates and destroys life.


Getting to your TRUTH, your divine connection and expression, that is the focus of this world we are building.  


I do my work as a white, cis-gendered woman in the middle of  dismantling my own programming in my own humble and at times embarrassingly incomplete way.  In doing my work, I choose to shatter the myth that we must all be complete, perfect, and neat in order to offer our work to others.  And I am committed to continuing to unlearn, dismantle, and confront the ways I still perpetuate these hateful systems.


I used to be a business and career coach.  But I’m not anymore.  To go by those names centers the false.  It is false to focus on business, career and not the person. These labels work as if our labor exists separately from the whole of who we are.  Systems of domination gain power by separating things that were never meant to be separated.  This lets in destructive messages “‘there’s not enough to go around,’ ‘gotta take care of my interests first.’ and ‘the means justifies the ends.’ And then domination systems are weaving through us, even when we started out with noble, beautiful intentions.  


Today, my work offers you the sacred space, tools, and healing  that can help you reclaim your inherent, unbreakable, always-present connection with the universe/ spirit/nature/god/goddess/divine and learn how to express it.  


I help you drop the veils and get to the core of your connection to yourself and find  your enthusiasm, natural gifts, and how LIFE is wanting to move and inspire through you.  That’s my specialty, that’s what I’m truly excellent at helping you rediscover and reclaim.  You do the work, you own your growth.  You are in charge.  I bring insight, inspiration and a glimpse at the truth of who you are. I provide frameworks and actionable items so you can HAVE this truth of who you are more and more fully in your day-to-day and big picture of your life.  I hold up a mirror that reflects back your most awesome fabulousness and you can’t deny it.  When you are ready for it, hungry for it, open to it, your truth is undeniable.


If you are excited to build this world together, let me know at, I'd love to hear from you.

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