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Career angst got you down?

Career angst got you down?

You know- that feeling that your full potential isn’t being used, that you feel more drained from your work than inspired, that the fullness you offer doesn’t have a place to fully thrive?!?!?!

I get it. I so hear you. I’ve struggled with career angst myself and I’ve guided many, many folks through it. Here’s something i want to share with you today about that exact feeling and it’s super duper important: That feeling is a calling. - I know it’s uncomfortable, I know it is painful to long for something and not yet have it, but that feeling is valuable.  It’s telling you there’s MORE.  There’s more to your career expression than what is currently coming through and you CAN find an avenue to feel your potential bloOm. It IS possible. Otherwise you wouldn’t be getting this call. So....listen.  Listen to that call. Hold space for it. Know that it’s telling you something important even if you don’t yet know the details. Trust that the details will come.  If you’d like a guide to support you in discerning your next steps I’m here. DM me and let me know what the feeling is like in your body.  Having an objective supporter help you translate the message can give you just the next step to S.O.A.R. I’m here for you. Blessings to your call for your full career work to make itself KNOWN.

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