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Rising up Desire






photo credit Liz Wittman


These, my fellow deep feelers, are the ringing bells of your heart, body, soul and purpose calling to you on what you are to create. 

Our desires have long been suppressed. Smooshed down, shamed, told they are ‘frivolous’, ‘impractical’, ‘the opposite of professional.’


Your desires hold the key to accessing your personal power. 

They are the catalysts needed to spark your unique combination of talents, skills and gifts into a career that truly reflects you. They are the Divine speaking to you from your depths.

So honor that which calls to you, sings to you, dreams to you. See these for the ringing bells they are- step by step leading you to deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment .

Stay strong in the onslaught of false messages that belittle that belly opening way desire heats in you. 

Stay strong in connecting to that which moves your heart.

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