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I used to believe

I used to believe it was my job to fit my full creative expression into a career box that made other people comfortable. 

I felt anxiety when my work didn’t fit what others approved of.

I small-ed myself out of fear of being called ‘too much.’

And all of that.....SUCKED.

Like....really sucked.

My internal anxiety was off the charts, and I gave myself this narrow acceptable experience to live in. And that was Too. Small.

photo credit Liz Wittman

So I’m here to speak and dance and shout and sing - - - - -

No. ❌❌❌❌

No more.

My (and your) creative expression doesn’t belong anywhere near an already created box. 

You are a unique being never been seen before and never to be seen again in this same form. 

OF COURSE your creative expression will be unique!!!! 

Of course you’ll break new ground with what you do and share and how you serve. 

OF COURSE. How could it be any other way?!?!?!?!


This is a biggie.....

If you choose to, you can connect your creative expression to your livelihood and make it into your career.....

If you want to. You GET to do that.

 And you get to ask it to support and fulfill your needs as you fulfill and support others, and show up for your Divine Creative Expression.

This is all possible.

And you can do it. 

I believe in you. 

And I believe in our collective power to create a world where we listen to our inner voices and THAT is our best career advisor.

Big love today! ~Darcy

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