A class for commiting to the beauty and power of today.  Go here for more info.
Soul Salon
An opportunity for inner guidance and inspiration as you experience yourself in your wholeness and full potential. A place to reconnect and realign with your Truth.  Your personality and ego can crowd in and block you from your soul guidance.  Reconnect here. Email me at for more information.
1:1 Connection
Private coaching is available to laser focus into exactly what is needed for you in this moment.
Let's set up an inspiring, deeply supportive complimentary connection.  You'll walk away from our call with a clear sense of what work is needed to get you unstuck.  We'll see together if we are a good fit to do deeper work together.
Email me at
Group Programs I've Done
Here are links to group programs.  Email me at if you are interested in any of these groups. 
Stirring Our Brew: Project Incubator
Witch Your Sales: Money Conversations are Sacred Space
Free Masterclass:  Expose the Spells
Find out about this free class I offered and receive the recording. 

Detroit, MI


Tel: 734-277-2629

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