Private Coaching
I am engaging with clients right now through 1:1 support.  First we have a meet and greet to make sure we're a good fit and we set up an initial plan for supporting you in connecting with your soulwork and ways to tangibly express it in your life.   Email me at  We'll set up a time to connect.
Group Program Curriculums
Here are links to group programs I've run in the past but do not have current cohorts.  Email me at if you are interested in any of the curriculum from these groups.
Stirring Our Brew: Project Incubator
Witch Your Sales: Money Conversations are Sacred Space
Today: A class for practicing the power of presence. 
Free Masterclass:  Expose the Spells
Find out about this free class I offered on exposing the spells in working with money in your business and receive the recording. 

Detroit, MI


Tel: 734-277-2629

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