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Private Coaching
I am engaging with clients right now through 1:1 support.  First we have a meet and greet to make sure we're a good fit and we set up an initial plan for supporting you in connecting with your soulwork and ways to tangibly express it in your life.   Email me at darcy@darcyskye.com.  We'll set up a time to connect.
Group Program Curriculums
Here are links to group programs I've run in the past but do not have current cohorts.  Email me at darcy@darcyskye.com if you are interested in any of the curriculum from these groups.
Stirring Our Brew: Project Incubator
Witch Your Sales: Money Conversations are Sacred Space
Today: A class for practicing the power of presence. 
Free Masterclass:  Expose the Spells
Find out about this free class I offered on exposing the spells in working with money in your business and receive the recording.