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Honey is sweet, compassion, nourishment,

symbolizing the earth and our bodies. 

Fire is hot, passion, ideas,

symbolizing the spark of inspiration and our spirit. 

Together may the honey and fire provide you a pathway

to soul guidance so you may be and create at your highest level.

Welcome to School of Honey & Fire:
mystery school for soul connection 

What if speaking with your soul is a skill you can learn?


How would it feel if you could access a wise, supportive place within as you      face important decisions and choices?



At School of Honey and Fire my mission is to offer you that opportunity.


 Through a lifetime of study and practice I've learned how I access my own guidance and through 15 years as a coach, healer and guide, I've learned how to teach people their own unique way to access theirs. 

Through workshops, classes and private sessions I teach you how to follow the path to your own unique wisdom.  The journey to know yourself at the soul level is incredibly rich and breathtaking! (And also accessible and possible).

What you need: 

To be willing

To be open

Bring your discernment

Bring your resistance when it arises

Bring your willingness to learn and grow


How does the school teach soul connection?

  I use many paths in the school to help you find soul connection.  These include:

- the wisdom of nature, our bodies, our thoughts and emotions,

- spiritual teachings from many traditions,

- guided visualizations and meditations,

- your empathy and compassion,

- your passion and spark,

- deep intuitive listening and insights

- check-in and sharing. 

Below is a list of workshops and classes and their next starting time.  May you rejoice in the blend of your honey and fire and may it lead you to deep and satisfying soul connection.  I'll see you in class!

In the video below I describe how the 5 core subject areas work together to create a powerful experience.

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

roots & foundation

Where we begin. 


Where we return to.   

Where we feel our central sturdiness.

Where our growth grows FROM.  

This subject area explores how we create a strong foundation and continually renew ourselves from it. 

Care for Energy Body1 pexels-diego-madrigal.jpg

tend your emotional body

Feeling centered and grounded amongst the waves of life.

Sturdying your personal container so you can dive into your emotional depths without getting flooded, but instead feel powerful. 

After a long, exhausting day how to cleanse and replenish yourself so you can regain access to your purpose and passion.

Build protection from the inside out so you feel less raw in the ups and downs of life and instead more confident and courageous.



We are all creators. 


We create in our relationships, our work and our art.  

Learn to connect to your creative flame, getting to know what helps it burn bright and how to tend it if it feels cold.

heart care pic2.jpg

heart care

Our heart center - an incredibly powerful and special place.  A place where we create relationship, to ourselves and to others.  A place that feels deeply and holds keys to accessing our full vision for ourselves.  A place of incredible tenderness and resiliency. 


Get to know your heart center and learn how to support, protect, and be a good steward of this incredibly powerful energetic center in your body.  


birthing your project

Taking your idea from a vision that lives in your head to a  tangible real-world experience is a no-joke process. 


Learn my co-collaborative technique for dancing with your project so you can bring what is meaningful to you into the world. 

Darcy Skye

Founder & Director

I hold a Masters Degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Ecology from the University of Michigan.  My coaching certification is through the Coach Training Alliance, Lisa Campion trained me as a Reiki Master and I'm an Energy Medicine Practitioner through the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. 

I have taught and coached in private practice for 15 years working with individuals and groups.  I've led a Mystery School in the back room of a dive bar in Brooklyn and I've led groups of several hundred entrepreneurs in meditation and visualization.

I live in Ferndale, Michigan and have lived in several cities and countries including New York City, Seattle, Chile,  Argentina, Brazil and Tanzania.  I love to gaze at trees, bake treats, and find any and all reasons to giggle with my kids.  

I bring a caring, enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable, endlessly curious, extremely accepting and non-judgmental style to our work.  I make really big work accessible and even exciting and enlivening.


I've walked myself through countless changes, dark nights and brand new experiences that I've needed to lean on something sturdy and solid through it all - that sturdiness is my soul connection.  It's not just through years of study and certifications I've gained the skills to do this work - it's through living it, day in and day out, deep in the trenches, feeling how bad it feels to be disconnected and clawing and scraping my way back and feeling how strong and solid I feel when I am connected, that I've learned to do this work. 


I'm here to support you in it as well, if you feel called.  my blessings to you! ~Darcy

EQUITY STATEMENT I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, settler to the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe or Michigan. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where people of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I facilitate welcome all identities and my commitment is to show up in integrity and continual learning.


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photo credits from top to bottom | Avery Nielsen-Webb, Wilhelm Gunkel, Diego MadrigalBjörn Austmar Pórsson, Archana GS, Beingthetraveller

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