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Imagine a  Soul Salon

A place of inner guidance and inspiration as you experience yourself in your wholeness and full potential. A place to reconnect and realign with your Truth. 

Your personality and ego can crowd in and create fear and doubt that block you from your soul guidance.  Reconnect here.  


You Bring: exactly who you are in the moment.  The questions, the doubts, the fears, the frustration, the heartache, the wonderment, the confusion, the complexity.

You Receive: connection with your inner guidance.  You get a bigger picture understanding of your process, your experience and exactly the next steps you need to take for accomplishing your vision and dreams. 

Introducing: Soul Salon

Opportunity to ask and receive soul guidance in your work and creative projects.


You Bring: a big question that is tickling, frustrating, or confusing you right now around your work, creative projects or sacred purpose overall.

You Receive: an intuitive soul reading that provides tangible guidance to come to clarity, understanding and next step action. 

What better time than the final month of 2019 to receive  your soul's guidance?







Move forward with confidence, trust in yourself and excitement for the things you'll create in 2020.

"I've always been someone willing to 'do the work' but never had the right guidance.  Darcy's profound insight and her ability to hold transformational healing space have literally rewired my brain and energetic body."

~Mary, Artist, NYC 


Bring to Soul Salon:

- a question about your work and/or creative projects

- a question about your sacred purpose overall

- a question about abundance, money and receiving

- a question that doesn't fit into any easy category but you're ready for guidance around it.

Soul Salon includes a 90-minute intimate, small group session. You will be held in impeccable sacred space and have personal time to share your question and receive guidance.  As a healer and intuitive I bring forward the guidance that asks to be spoken to you in that moment.


Soul Salon also includes a private coaching session with me after the group session to explore specifically how you will integrate the guidance that came forward and elucidate your next actionable steps.

Both the group and private session are held virtually so you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

You will complete the experience with clarity on your next step actions in your work and creative projects.

"Working with Darcy changed my life.  She took me through an inner journey and gave me the confidence I needed within myself to find what I was looking for. She gave me courage and strength to take actions that were very scary for me and guided me along through every action."

~Chris, Sales Manager, NYC


To participate in Soul Salon:

1) choose your time for the intimate, small group session:

choose between these three options:

Fri Dec. 6th: 10 - 11:30 am ET

Tues. Dec. 10th: 6:30 - 8 pm ET

Thurs. Dec. 12th: 11:30 am - 1 pm ET

2) email me at and tell me you want to join (yay!!!).  Let me know which time you are signing up for (space is limited so if two spaces work, please let me know your first and second choice so you can reserve your spot if one option is full).

3) I'll reply with next steps in forming your question and payment process details.


Soul Salon is a $250 experience and I'm offering it right now for $150 with an ask that at the end you provide a testimonial on your experience so others know more about how it feels.






I do this work as a cis-gendered white woman, settler to the ancestral home of the Anishinaabe, also called Michigan. I am examining my identities, privileges, places of colonial mindset and with lots to continually learn. My work attempts to create brave spaces where folks of all identities feel they have the space to show up fully and be well supported.  The learning containers I facilitate welcome all identities and my commitment is to show up in integrity and continual learning.


"Darcy is just pure energy, support, and enthusiasm.  She has a way of seeing through patterns, connecting the dots, and supporting genuinely and authentically through challenges. She has a way of allowing me to reveal my own strengths, my own magnificence, and my own capabilities to move forward with the things that are important in my life."

~Miriam Leia Bekkouche, Founder and CEO of Brain Spa,   

Email me at if you have any questions about Soul Salon and I'd love to connect with you.  If this is speaking to you, exciting you and making you a little nervous - hurray!  Email me and save your spot :)  with love, Darcy



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